I'm Allison


I'm Allison

"I'm eating healthy and working out all the time, but I can't lose weight!"
"There's not enough time in the day to do everything I want to do."
"I should just try harder and eat less, I'd Feel so much better."

Sound familiar?

I've been there, and I'm here to help you reframe how you look at your health and the control you have over your wild, boundless life. 

After studying nutrition through college, writing and speaking about Portland food, gyms, and trails for Portland Monthly Magazine, Sunset Magazine, and the Portland Farmers Market, becoming a certified yoga instructor, and burning out time and time again with each renewed effort to work out more and eat "better," I found myself frustrated with the never-ending cycle of new workout plans, new eating philosophies, and renewed disappointment when I failed to feel the way I wanted to feel in my body.

Eventually, laid flat by another bout of fatigue, sore joints, and poor sleep, I realized that I was focusing on the wrong things.

Instead of trying once again to eat clean and recommitting to another strenuous fitness regimen, I started walking in the woods. I traded the tunnel vision of "healthy" food obsession and workout apps for more time with my paints and pens, and longer hours in bed. I started to dance in the mornings, and changed my schedule so I could unplug from my computer and phone more often.

And I felt better than ever.

The truth is, most of us have all the diet and exercise facts we could ever use—and are indeed working harder than ever to feel good—but still find ourselves feeling stuck, overwhelmed, stressed out, and searching for the answers we know could make us feel more alive.

That’s why I created Wildwood Coaching, a life, business, and health coaching practice that's out to redefine healthy living in a world that puts so much emphasis on how we move and what we eat. By shifting the focus away from diet and exercise alone and towards evidence-based methods of bringing your whole life into balance—from your sleep and time spent in nature to your relationship with money and creativity—I'll help you develop a trail guide to the wild life of your dreams, and help keep you accountable so you can reach your destination.

With Wildwood Coaching, you'll get a practical approach to making more free time and spending it with intention.

As a bonus, you'll also get access to my vibrant community of health resources, from the best local acupuncturists and naturopaths to group meditations and wild retreats. I like to say that it takes a village to create and maintain a healthy lifestyle, and I’m excited to introduce you to mine.

Ready to get wild? Start today.

Portrait photography by Annika Bielig-Bussmann