Portland’s first dedicated bone broth bar is now open, and the internet critics are raging. “Um, isn’t that just stock?” “What a racket. ‘Bone Broth’ is soup without the s*** in it.” “I can make this at home, and they’re selling it for $5 a cup? I’m in the wrong business.” It’s time to let the broth speak for itself (or at least through its biggest local defender). Tressa Yellig of Salt, Fire & Time, the company behind NE Portland’s new Broth Bar, brought retail bone broth to Portland in 2009 (long before broth became the “It Ingredient” of celebrity detoxes and the butt of Facebook jokes). Here, Yellig explains what separates her small-batch broths from stock, and why her broth has earned a loyal following of fans who credit her products with restoring health during and after cancer treatments and other major health crises.


This article appeared in the Balance blog at Portland Monthly.